This guide will help you to build visualizations for Trello using Vizydrop — a business intelligence platform that was created to provide users a natural way of exploring data, while staying as easy-to-use as Trello itself.

Our power-up for Trello contains a gallery of predefined templates. We've included charts that are popular among Trello users, so you can get started with a ready-to-go solution without wasting time on understanding the tool from scratch.

Keep in mind that you can always modify any of your existing charts, or choose to build a visualization from scratch using our intuitive chart editor, which provides users with an efficient and simple way of exploring data. We support most common chart types.

We've also created our own visualization library, Tauсharts (based on the D3 framework and 'Grammar of Graphics' concepts), in order to support advanced visualization techniques — such as facets — with minimal effort.

Share your visualizations with colleagues, friends, your mom, and the whole world using our platform.

Good luck with this new visual way of exploring Trello card data exploration and visualizing numbers.

Thank you for using our platform,

— The Vizydrop Team

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